Pool Excavation Calculator

Planning your dream pool but overwhelmed by the logistics? Let our Pool Excavation Calculator do the heavy lifting! Just input your pool’s length, width, and depth (both ends), along with swell/bulking percentage and truck load capacity. Hit ‘Calculate’ to instantly get your excavation volume in cubic feet and yards, the adjusted volume accounting for material expansion, and the number of truckloads needed for removal. It’s as easy as a summer dip! No more guesswork—just accurate, actionable results to bring your dream pool to life. Use the table below in case you don’t know the percentage for your swell/bulking factor. Try it now!

Pool Excavation Calculator

Excavation in Cubic Feet (ft³):

Excavation in Cubic yards (yd³):

Volume of Loose Material in Cubic yards (m):

Number of Truck Loads (#):