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Our Pool Calculators

Our Pool Calculators

Our swimming pool calculators will help you calculate pool excavation volume and the amount of concrete required for decking. Courtesy of the PoolForce Pools and Patios…

PoolForce pool Financing in virginia beach

Use our free loan calculator to estimate a monthly payment for your new pool. Try various loan terms and interest rates to evaluate pool financing options.

Pool Decking Calculator - Pool Electrical Hazards

Our user-friendly Decking Calculator is designed to streamline your pool project! This efficient tool effortlessly computes the amount of concrete required to pour a slab around a rectangular or square pool, using precise imperial measurements.

PoolForce - Cotton, Raleigh, NC - Pool Excavation Calculator

Planning your dream pool but overwhelmed by the logistics? Let our Pool Excavation Calculator do the heavy lifting! Just input your pool’s length, width, and depth (both ends), along with swell/bulking percentage and truck load capacity.

Water Chemistry Calculator

This is our Water Chemistry Calculator, your reliable partner in maintaining the perfect balance of your pool’s water. Designed with both simplicity and precision in mind, our calculator is the ideal tool for homeowners and pool professionals alike.

Pool Plaster Calculator

 Our Pool Plaster Calculator not only simplifies the calculation of plaster surface area across a variety of pool shapes, including round, oval, rectangle, Lazy L, Roman, and Kidney Bean, but also updates calculations in real-time, offering a highly user-friendly experience.

pool heating calculator

Our Pool Heating Calculator emerges as a revolutionary tool designed to optimize the heating process for pools of all sizes and shapes. Crafted with precision and user-centric design, it addresses the core needs of pool owners looking to efficiently manage pool temperatures.

Pool Volume Calculator

Our Pool Volume Calculator is a meticulously designed tool set to revolutionize the way pool owners understand and manage their swimming pools. 

Pool Evaporation Calculator

Our Pool Evaporation Calculator is an indispensable tool designed to tackle the often-overlooked aspect of pool maintenance: water evaporation.