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Texas, We're Coming Soon!

Big news for the Lone Star State: PoolForce is coming soon to Texas, with multiple locations slated to open in and around Dallas! As leaders in the industry, we bring years of unmatched expertise in pool construction, elevating the art of outdoor living to unparalleled heights. But we don’t just stop at pools; we are seasoned pros in creating Patios, Hardscapes, Drainage Systems, Fence Installations, Fire Pits, Pool Repairs, and Renovations.

Our mission is simple but crucial: deliver quality, reliable services at an affordable rate. From the initial design phase through to the finishing touches, our team manages every detail with impeccable care. At PoolForce, we understand that a pool isn’t just an addition to your home; it’s an investment in your quality of life, a canvas for making memories, and a cornerstone for relaxation and joy. Texas, get ready to redefine your outdoor living experience with PoolForce!

Real Pools, Real People, Real Feedback

Al Desiderio

Samuel is awesome.! On time, professional,courteous and friendly Diagnosed the issue and made it a great experience for us. Highly recommend using Poolforce for all your Pool needs.!


Pool Force did a great job all around the season, showing short-notice availability and efficiency in their responsiveness. Special thanks to Samuel who took the time to explain and advise me, always with a smile !

Robert Buckham

Great company to work with, i ordered a new liner and had them install a pool pump that went bad they installed it same night after hours and they also doing my pool inspection to sell my house. I would recommend them to anyone from building a pool to liners an maintenance.

Mark Vergara

Sam was professional and knowledgeable. Helped with an opening of my pool. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again. Thanks again!

M Met

Samuel did a great job! He responded quickly and did great work. I will definitely use him again.

Freddy Martinez

Awesome customer service and knowledgeable! I have hired them for pool cleanings and will be using them for closing of my pool at the end of the season.

Our Services

PoolForce - Latham Pools - Cancun Deluxe Pool Model

Your satisfaction of time spent both in and outside of the pool will increase if you select the ideal FiberGlass pool size and shape.

PoolForce sample patio

There is a large variety of colors, forms, and sizes available for vinyl pool designs. Your ingenuity and your backyard are your only limitations.

Concrete pool builder in virginia beach

Concrete pools are among the most well-liked solutions, and for good reason. They are strong and beautiful to look at.

PoolForce Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic pool covers are safe, reliable, and easy to use. Everyday safety that opens with the push of a button. This is the new normal. Avoid fences & alarms.
PoolForce 3D Designs - Jermaine Jolley Residence

We pride ourselves on creating the most realistic 3D designs for your backyard. With unlimited revisions, you will be sure to see your backyard before you build.

Retaining walls in virginia Beach and chesapeake

Get more use in your backyard with a retaining wall. Protect plants or just build a terraced backdrop with focal points in the landscape.

PoolForce - Fencing Page - Oceanview - Cover Photo

Explore a diverse range of customizable aluminum fencing, designed with precision for aesthetic appeal and durability.