The Wisecamp • Chesapeake, VA Project

Project Synopsis

In the tranquil heart of Wisecamp, Chesapeake, Virginia, PoolForce presents an aquatic masterpiece that seamlessly fuses design and relaxation. The “Laguna White Pacific” Vinyl Liner pool by Latham Pools serves as the crown jewel, covering a sprawling 160 sq ft. Its impressive volume of 21,000 gallons beckons for sun-soaked dips and leisurely swims. Adjacent to this, the “Mystique Spa with Spillover” stands ready, promising therapeutic soaks that melt away the day’s fatigue. The harmony of these elements, set against the backdrop of meticulously chosen landscaping, evokes the charm of pristine lakeside getaways.

Embark on a visual journey ‘In Pictures’, chronicling the project’s evolution from inception to its splendid finale. A tastefully designed deck, reminiscent of the finest lake-view patios, envelopes the pool and spa, offering ample space for basking and entertaining. Drawing inspiration from iconic outdoor spaces, the surrounding area boasts features akin to an outdoor kitchen and wet bar, all unified under the serene Wisecamp, Chesapeake, Virginia skies. As night falls, strategically placed lighting ensures the space remains a beacon of relaxation and allure, capturing the essence of luxury and functionality in one breathtaking ensemble.

A before & after Comparison

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