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The Cotton • Raleigh Project

Project Synopsis

Nestled within the heart of Cotton, Raleigh, North Carolina, our latest creation emerges: a backyard oasis that’s more than just a pool—it’s a slice of paradise. Every inch of the 1000 sqft custom concrete pool glistens, reflecting its meticulous design. With the sophisticated pavers by Techo-Bloc cradling its expanse, this centerpiece seamlessly merges with an infinity spa that beckons for a calming dip. At a depth of 7ft and boasting a volume of 36,000 gallons, it promises endless summer fun. Beyond just aesthetics, this 2022 masterpiece is fitted with top-notch Hayward equipment, all easily controllable via cellphone. No more fumbling around with buttons, just tap and swim!

But wait, there’s more! Take a visual journey on our page. Our “In Pictures” segment beautifully captures the metamorphosis from a blank canvas to a watery wonder. The cherry on top? A before-and-after snapshot that speaks volumes of our craftsmanshipForget the world when you step into this sanctuary. And for those who want a quick laugh: We thought of filling the pool with cotton but… well, let’s just say water made more sense. Dive into the Cotton, Raleigh experience; where dreams are cast in concrete!

A before & after Comparison

PoolForce - Cotton, Raleigh, NCPoolForce - Cotton, Raleigh, NC

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