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The Hammett Pkwy • Norfolk, Virginia Project

Project Synopsis

In the heart of Hammett Pkwy, Norfolk, Virginia, a backyard transformation took the neighborhood by storm. Who knew that beneath the Virginian sun, PoolForce could craft such an oasis? Dive into the exquisite “Wylela Beach” – a marvel by San Juan Pools, stretching 30 feet of pure aquatic delight. With a width that’s an impressive 12 feet and a depth that would make even the most daring cannonball jumpers think twice at 6’2”, this fiberglass gem boasts a volume of 7,271 gallons – enough to host every inflatable unicorn and flamingo in town!

But it wasn’t just the pool that caught eyes; the whole process was an aquatic ballet. As you scroll, witness a captivating chronicle of the project, from the initial chalk outlines to the final shimmering waters, through vivid in-process snapshots. And for those with a penchant for dramatic reveals, brace yourself for a before-and-after finale that’s worthy of reality TV fame.

In terms of design, implementation, and impact, the Hammett Pkwy endeavor stands tall as a shining beacon of our capabilities. It wasn’t just a job well done; it was a dream brought to life! The entire transformation, reminiscent of turning water into wine, conjures vibes of those posh patios, complete with fire pits and wet bars. But let’s be real – who needs a fancy wine cellar when you’ve got Norfolk’s coolest swim-up bar? Cheers to that!

A before & after Comparison

PoolForce - Hammett Pkwy, Norfolk, VA 1PoolForce - Hammett Pkwy, Norfolk, VA

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