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The Lash Ave • Raleigh, NC Project

Project Synopsis

Welcome to our Lash Ave project in Raleigh, North Carolina, where we’ve crafted more than a pool—we’ve engineered a personal oasis. Sure, the area started as a humdrum backyard, but wait until you scroll to the “before and after” pics at the bottom. Talk about a water-to-wine transformation, folks! Now, what we’ve got here isn’t just any pool. This concrete beauty, cozied up with spa pavers by TechoBloc, holds 36,000 gallons of liquid luxury. At 7 feet deep and covering 1,000 square feet, it’s the Mariana Trench of home pools. And did we mention it’s also an infinity pool? Infinity and beyond? No? Too soon?

What puts the cherry on top is the tech: Hayward equipment with—wait for it—cellphone controls. That’s right, cue up the spa jets while you’re still in your PJs. No wading through manuals; let your smartphone do the hard work. Heck, you can even ask it to start warming up while you debate which swimsuit makes you look less like a boiled lobster. We wrapped up this aqua-dream in 2022, but the fun has just begun for our lucky clients. The only thing they regret? Not having built it sooner. So, before you click away, take a virtual stroll through our in-depth pictorial journey that’ll show you why our work on Lash Ave in Raleigh, North Carolina, is the epitome of ‘backyard goals’.

A before & after Comparison

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