The Hadley • Raleigh Project

Project Synopsis

Welcome to our Hadley, Raleigh, North Carolina masterpiece—a transcendent merger of leisure and luxury, finished in 2022! If you think that’s an overstatement, just wait until you plunge into this 36,000-gallon concrete pool! The pool isn’t just a pool; it’s an “aqua lounge” that envelops you in seven feet of liquid serenity. Honestly, it’s like swimming in liquid WiFi, but way less electromagnetic. The adjoining Infinity Spa, graced with Techo-Bloc pavers, brings you the epitome of “Netflix and chill,” but without the Netflix. You control the entire experience—from the spa jets to the pool lights—all via Hayward equipment that’s accessible from your cellphone. Think of it as your pool’s remote control, minus the need to fight with your siblings over who gets to hold it.

Oh, but let’s talk flooring for a sec. With 1,000 sqft of surface area, you can socially distance in the pool while still being social. The landscaping surrounding the pool mimics an upscale country club, minus the annual fees and dress code. We invite you to explore our step-by-step visual journey below, complete with before-and-after shots. After you’ve seen the transformation, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without an aquatic oasis in your backyard. So dive in, the water’s just right!

A before & after Comparison

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