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Questions about pool excavation

Must-Ask Questions About Pool Excavation

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and install that dream swimming pool in your backyard. Congrats! But before you start dreaming about pool parties and floating on inflatables, let’s get down to brass tacks. You’re about to embark on a significant home improvement project, and one of the most crucial phases happens before the first drop of water is added: pool excavation.

You might think digging a hole is the simplest part of building a pool. Think again! The excavation phase is loaded with important decisions, so we’ve created this all-in-one guide that addresses the burning questions about pool excavation that you must ask your builder.

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How Can I Get My Yard Excavation-Ready?

Before the bulldozers roll in, there’s some prep work you should handle. That means saying a temporary goodbye to your lawn furniture, grill, kids’ playset, and even Fido’s doghouse. You want a blank canvas for the construction crew to work their magic. And what about those built-in garden beds or that stylish outdoor kitchen? A seasoned pool builder should have measures to shield these cherished features from harm. Lastly, don’t forget to inquire about potential disruptions like fence or gate removal, and always discuss how they’ll avoid damaging essential utilities like your gas and water lines.

What’s the ETA on Excavating My Pool?

Knowing how much time you will spend on this phase is important because time is money. It is imperative to inquire, “How long will it take?” rather than leaving it unanswered. The timeline can range from as quick as a few hours to a multiple-day affair, depending on several factors. These include the pool’s dimensions, current soil conditions, and your local weather forecast. Some yards might have hidden surprises like large rocks or existing concrete structures requiring special equipment or demolition work. This can extend the time and budget, so your expectations are flexible.

What’s the Dirt on Dirt Removal?

So the big machine they use, called an excavator, will remove quite a bit of earth to carve out your future oasis. But then what? You don’t want a mini-mountain of soil in your yard for weeks. Some of this excavated earth can be reused to backfill around your brand-new pool, but a chunk of it will be carted away. A reliable pool builder will cover this aspect, ensuring the excess dirt finds a new home—somewhere else.

How Will My Neighbors Feel About This?

Let’s face it: Your upcoming pool may be the talk of the block, but the excavation process is neither quiet nor tidy. We’re talking about heavy machinery, flying dirt, and all sorts of commotion. Keep the peace by giving your neighbors a heads-up about the upcoming commotion. Luckily, the noisy part (i.e., the excavation) usually wraps up quickly, so it won’t be an ongoing nuisance.

Is DIY Excavation a Money-Saving Hack?

You might be tempted to go the DIY route, but unless you’re a certified contractor with a knack for heavy machinery, it’s better to leave this task to the pros. Why? Excavation involves not just digging a hole but site evaluation, securing permits, and adhering to safety standards. The pool excavation cost is relatively minor compared to potential errors or delays that DIY could introduce.

By asking these questions about pool excavation, you’re setting yourself up for a smoother, more transparent construction process. Remember, knowledge is power, especially regarding home improvements of this magnitude. When you’re investing in something as significant as a swimming pool, it pays to be informed. These questions about pool excavation will arm you with the knowledge you need for a smooth construction process.

Now go ahead, ask away, and take one step closer to making your poolside dreams a reality. Do you still have concerns, or are you prepared to act now? Contact PoolForce to turn your poolside dreams into reality.

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