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What is the average concrete pool cost for homeowners today?

What is the average concrete pool cost for homeowners today?

As the sun’s rays herald the return of warmer days, you might find yourself dreaming of a serene backyard oasis—a private sanctuary where the cool embrace of water offers a respite from the heat. If an inground concrete pool features in your vision, you’re not alone. At PoolForce, we understand the allure of these enduring aquatic treasures. But before diving into the deep end, it’s crucial to explore the financial depths of such an endeavor.

Disclaimer: While the information provided in the article offers a general overview of fiberglass pool costs as of 2023, prices can vary based on a myriad of factors. We strongly recommend consulting directly with PoolForce or your chosen pool company for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing. Remember, market conditions, materials, labor rates, and other factors can influence costs, and they may change over time. Always make informed decisions based on the most recent data available.

What is the average concrete pool cost for homeowners today?

Concrete Pools: A Solid Investment in Leisure

When pondering the addition of an inground concrete pool to your domain, the price tag can often cause waves of concern. It’s a substantial investment, and understanding the costs involved is essential for navigating the waters of decision-making. But what does the financial landscape look like for these pools in 2023?

At PoolForce, we believe in transparency and providing our customers with a clear view of the horizon. We have honed our expertise in the industry, not just in the creation of fiberglass pools, but also in comprehending the intricacies of concrete pool construction. Our experience is your lifeline to making an informed decision.

The Spectrum of Inground Concrete Pools Costs

The journey to bringing your concrete pool to life begins with budgeting. The initial outlay for constructing an inground concrete pool typically starts at $50,000. However, based on size, design, and features, costs can surge to $100,000 or beyond. Smaller pools will anchor at the lower end of this spectrum, while expansive or highly customized sanctuaries may chart a course well above.

Charting Your Financial Course for a Concrete Pool Journey

While some fortunate swimmers can afford to pay the full cost of their concrete pool upfront, PoolForce recognizes that many will look towards financial alternatives. A pool loan emerges as a buoyant solution, allowing you to spread the expense over time. This approach floats well with those who prefer not to wait years to save up the necessary funds.

Deciphering the Depths of Pool Loan Payments

Embarking on the pool loan voyage, you’ll encounter several variables that influence your monthly outlay. The final tally for your aquatic addition, the chosen lender, prevailing interest rates, the duration of the loan, and the size of your down payment all contribute to the calculation. With interest rates bobbing between 5% and 10% and a typical loan timeline of seven years, here’s what you might expect for monthly payments:

  • $700-$830 for a $50,000 pool
  • $850-$995 for a $60,000 pool
  • And so on, scaling up to $1,555-$1,880 for a $110,000 pool

You can use our pool loan calculator to know the exact amount.

Remember, a sizable down payment can deflate your monthly dues, and your specific financial circumstances will tailor the final figures. Our goal at PoolForce is to provide a snapshot to assist in budgeting for your pool project.

Smart Strategies to Trim the Tide of Expenses

If the thought of pool costs sends a ripple of worry across your mind, PoolForce has gathered a trove of tips to help you conserve your cash without compromising on quality. Here’s how you can keep your budget afloat:

  • Opt for the Classic: A plaster finish remains the gold standard for concrete pools. While the allure of tiles or pebble finishes may tempt you, they can significantly inflate the cost.
  • Phase Your Features: Consider initially skipping luxury add-ons like automatic covers, slides, or heaters. Many of these can be retrofitted later, although it’s wise to pre-plan for plumbing during the initial construction.
  • Seasonal Savings: A dive into the off-season for pool installation could unearth discounts. Fall and winter projects may not only be lighter on the wallet but will also set the stage for a summer-ready pool.
  • Compact Elegance: Scaling back a few feet can lead to substantial savings. While grandeur has its place, a more modestly sized pool will still provide endless joy and a cool escape.

Long-Term Considerations and Alternatives

Envisioning your dream pool often includes a variety of features and custom designs that can propel the price upward. At PoolForce, we’re all about customizing your pool to fit your dreams, but we also believe in full disclosure about potential costs. Here’s what can elevate the cost of a concrete pool:

  • Designer Surfaces: Choosing tile or pebble surfaces can add a significant amount to your budget.
  • Volume and Complexity: Larger pools with diving depths or complex shapes require more materials and labor, increasing costs.
  • Luxury Features: Adding a spa, tanning ledge, or beach entry will also raise the price tag.
  • Exclusivity: Specialty pools like vanishing edges or natural pools are stunning but come with a higher cost due to the complexity of their design and construction.
  • Indoor Elegance: An indoor pool is a pinnacle of luxury and year-round enjoyment but involves a heftier investment due to additional structural requirements.


The crystalline waters of your concrete pool will require upkeep. At PoolForce, we strive to prepare our customers for the reality of maintenance, which includes periodic resurfacing and acid washing, not to mention regular cleaning and unforeseen repairs. For a concrete pool, anticipate:

  • Resurfacing every 10 years or so, with costs starting at $10,000.
  • Acid washing every 3-5 years, around $450 a pop.

Concrete pools stand as the most majestic of in-ground pools, but they also bear the crown for maintenance costs.

Concrete Pool Alternatives 

While concrete pools are a paragon of permanence and prestige, we at PoolForce recognize the allure of alternative materials that offer different advantages. Though we don’t specialize in vinyl-liner pools and typically don’t recommend them due to their shorter lifespan and frequent need for liner replacement, we’re committed to guiding you through all your options.

  • Fiberglass Pools: A star in our lineup, fiberglass pools present a cost-effective alternative. With a price range similar to concrete pools, they shine with significantly lower maintenance requirements. No need for resurfacing or acid washing here.
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Crafting Your Pool with PoolForce

Choosing the right pool is a significant decision, one that’s about more than just upfront costs. It’s about creating a lasting partnership with a company that supports your vision and stands by you through the life of your pool. At PoolForce, we’re not just building pools; we’re crafting experiences, memories, and joy.

We invite you to talk to us. Dive into our portfolio of completed projects, and let’s start the course for your pool journey—a journey where every detail is tailored to your lifestyle, and every drop of water dances with promise.


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