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When the Virginia sun beats down, there’s no better retreat than a backyard oasis. A private Inground Swimming Pool Virginia isn’t just a reprieve from the heat; it’s a sanctuary for creating memories, a hub for fitness, and a statement of lifestyle. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and explore the prospect of owning your own slice of paradise, you’re in the right place. PoolForce is not just a construction company; we are your partners in bringing aquatic dreams to life. The journey from envisioning to swimming in your own pool is layered with decisions and considerations. This guide is your dive into the essentials of shopping for an inground swimming pool in Virginia.

Types of Inground Pools

Virginia’s diverse climate and distinct local regulations carve out a unique pool shopping experience. There are primarily three types of inground pools, each with its own set of merits and considerations:

Fiberglass Pools:

  • Ease of Installation: Fiberglass pools come in pre-manufactured shells, making the installation process swift and less labor-intensive.
  • Maintenance: Known for their low-maintenance needs, a fiberglass pool is a time-saver with a smooth, non-porous surface that deters algae growth.
  • Cost: While the upfront cost might be higher, the lower maintenance costs could lead to savings in the long run.

Concrete Pools:

  • Customization: Unlike fiberglass, concrete pools offer limitless design possibilities. From size to shape to color, your pool can be as unique as your imagination.
  • Durability: Concrete pools are known for their long-lasting nature, withstanding the test of time and elements.

Vinyl Liner Pools:

  • Cost-Efficient: Generally, the least expensive option upfront which may appeal to budget-conscious homeowners.
  • Customizable Size and Shape: While not as customizable as concrete, vinyl pools offer a variety of shapes and sizes.

A Fiberglass Vinyl Liner Concrete Pool Table Comparison - aBOUT fIBERGLASS pOOLS

Your choice will hinge on your budget, the landscape of your backyard, maintenance preferences, and the aesthetics you envision. Use our pool selector tool to gauge what pool type resonates with your scenario.

Virginia’s pool landscape is a blend of regulatory tape and climatic considerations. Navigating through the local pool laws, understanding the permits required, and zeroing in on a trustworthy pool builder in Virginia are crucial steps in your pool shopping journey.

Local Regulations and Permits

Every Inground Swimming Pool Virginia is subject to state and local regulations to ensure safety and compliance. These cover a gamut of aspects including fencing, barriers, pool covers, and alarms. Check out the Virginia pool requirements to get a thorough understanding of what’s expected.

Pool Cover: A Safety and Maintenance Marvel

Investing in a pool cover is a wise decision that amplifies safety and eases maintenance. Whether it’s keeping out debris or acting as a safety barrier, a cover is an indispensable accessory for your pool. Explore our collection of pool covers that shield your pool from Virginia’s frosty winters, extending the life and beauty of your aquatic haven.

Shopping for an inground swimming pool in Virginia is an exciting venture filled with decisions that shape the heart of your backyard.

Budgeting for Your Inground Swimming Pool

Investing in an inground swimming pool is a significant financial venture in Virginia, one that promises endless fun and a lifestyle upgrade. However, understanding the cost dynamics is crucial to ensure that your aquatic dream doesn’t morph into a financial nightmare. At PoolForce, we believe in transparency and aiding our clients in making informed decisions. Let’s wade through the various cost facets associated with inground swimming pools in Virginia.

Initial Costs: The Tip of the Iceberg

The initial cost of your pool project encompasses several elements:

Pool Construction:

  • Excavation: Clearing the ground and prepping it for your pool is the first step. The cost of excavation varies based on the terrain and accessibility of your yard.
  • Material and Construction: The cost of construction largely hinges on the type of pool you choose. Fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl liner pools come with different price tags.

Permit Fees:

  • Acquiring the necessary permits from local authorities in Virginia is a prerequisite. The cost of permits may vary based on your locality and the specifics of your project.

Pool Equipment:

  • Your pool will require a pump, filter system, and possibly a heater depending on your preferences.


  • From ladders to slides to pool umbrella holders, the accessories you choose add a personal touch to your pool.

Utilize our pool calculators to get a rough estimate of the initial costs tailored to your preferences.

Hidden Costs: The Unseen Depth

Unseen costs can quickly add up, turning your budget topsy-turvy. It’s prudent to factor in these often-overlooked expenses:

  • Landscaping: Post-construction landscaping to restore or enhance your backyard aesthetics.
  • Increased Utility Bills: The operation of your pool will bump up your electricity and water bills.
  • Insurance: Your homeowner’s insurance premium may rise with the addition of a pool.

Financing Your Pool: Diving Without Drowning

A well-thought-out financial plan is your buoy in the sea of pool construction costs. Explore our financing options to find a plan that aligns with your budget and financial situation. Whether it’s a pool loan or exploring other financing avenues, having a plan in place is crucial.

“A dream conceived in truth can never die.” – Montana Gray


Owning a pool is a commitment to ongoing maintenance. Regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment upkeep are part of the pool ownership package.

  • Pool Maintenance: Regular cleaning and chemical balancing to ensure a healthy and sparkling pool.
  • Equipment Upkeep: Periodic checks on your pump, filter system, and other equipment to ensure they are functioning optimally.
  • Winterization: Preparing your pool for the Virginia winter is crucial to ensure its longevity and reduce maintenance hassles.

Armed with a well-rounded understanding of the costs involved, you’re one step closer to making an informed decision on your inground swimming pool. 

Features and Customizations for Your Inground Swimming Pool

Dipping into the world of pool ownership is an exhilarating venture, especially when you reach the stage of tailoring your pool to match your dreams. Every pool tells a story, reflects a lifestyle, and exudes a unique charm. At PoolForce, we revel in turning your unique visions into tangible, splashy reality. This segment encapsulates the myriad of features and customizations you can consider to adorn your pool.

Creating Your Pool’s Identity: Designs and Styles

Your inground swimming pool can be as unique as your fingerprint. From classic to contemporary, the design possibilities are as vast as the Virginia sky.

  • Shape and Size: Whether you fancy a classic rectangular pool, a freeform design that mimics nature, or a sleek, modern geometric shape, the sky’s the limit.
  • Depth: Customize the depth to suit your family’s needs—whether it’s for diving, laps, or a shallow area for the kids.
  • Color: The color of your pool’s interior finish can transform the ambiance of your backyard. From serene blues to tropical turquoise, choose a hue that resonates with you.

Adding a Splash of Functionality: Essential Features

While aesthetics are crucial, functionality is paramount. These features not only add a dash of comfort but enhance the safety and usability of your pool.

  • Automatic Pool Covers: A cover is indispensable for safety, and to keep debris at bay.
  • Lighting: Illuminate your nocturnal swims with LED lights that can change colors to suit your mood.
  • Heating: A heater can extend your swimming season, especially in the cool Virginia climate.
  • Pool Umbrella Holders: Perfect for those who crave shade while lounging in the pool.

The Cherry on Top: Luxury Features

Transform your backyard into a resort-like haven with these luxury features.

  • Water Features: Waterfalls, fountains, and deck jets add a touch of elegance and a soothing auditory experience.
  • Spas and Hot Tubs: Integrate a spa to enjoy a relaxing soak after a swim.
  • Outdoor Kitchen or Bar: Perfect for entertaining, an outdoor kitchen or bar area makes your pool the heart of every gathering.

Planning for Perfection: The Roadmap to Your Dream Pool

Your journey from envisioning to diving into your inground swimming pool is a collaborative venture with PoolForce In Virginia. It all starts with a conversation. Our pool professionals are here to guide, advise, and ensure the smooth sailing of your project from inception to completion.

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” – Wendy Wunder

Virginia’s landscape provides a stunning backdrop for inground swimming pools. With the right planning, a trustworthy partner like PoolForce, and a sprinkle of creativity, your backyard will morph into a sanctuary of joy, relaxation, and memories waiting to be made. 


We are with you every splash of the way

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