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The Leafwood Dr • Norfolk, Virginia Project

Project Synopsis

Nestled on the serene streets of Leafwood Dr, Norfolk, Virginia, sits a sublime outdoor oasis, complete with a pristine pool and an encompassing safety fence. Engineered by the skilled hands at PoolForce, this stunning transformation boasts of both aesthetic excellence and safety compliance.

The centerpiece, a glistening in-ground pool, is a marvel in its own right. Its sparkling water mirrors the boundless Virginia sky, inviting you in for a soothing escape or a playful splash. Encircling this aquatic jewel is the meticulously erected safety fence. However, this feature isn’t merely a requirement, but a design statement that magnifies the overall allure of the area while preserving the sanctity of privacy.

The journey of crafting this outdoor retreat didn’t stop at the pool and fence. PoolForce delved deeper into making this a backyard sanctuary, adding thoughtful elements to enhance the experience. Just as carefully as we integrated safety measures, we wove in elements of beauty and serenity. The result? A backyard that’s not just visually stunning, but a haven of tranquillity and joy.

Every corner of this Leafwood Dr project tells a story – of meticulous planning, unwavering dedication, and the aspiration to turn a simple backyard into an outdoor paradise. Today, the happy homeowners bask in the charm of their transformed backyard, courtesy of the artistic craftsmanship and dedicated service of PoolForce.

A before & after Comparison

PoolForce - Leafwood, Norfolk, VA - July 5th, 2022PoolForce - Leafwood, Norfolk, VA 17 - December 5th, 2022

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